Illuminated Manikins

Illuminated Manikins

Illuminated Manikins is a series of elegant 25 x 17 inch photos taken of dress store mannequins that are overlaid with glowing, projected images. Kaplan sourced the projected images from her earlier Photo Collage work.

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Paperclips is a group of shimmering sculptural pieces that Kaplan composed using strings of metallic and coloured paperclips. The pieces were then photographed as 25 x 17.5 images.

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The photos in the series Rain capture simple plastic umbrellas “dressed” with ribbons, beads, dandelions and fabrics, then photographed using dramatic lighting and blowing wind.

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“My work reflects my preoccupations – art about nature; art about walls; art about rescues; art about play; art about the Holocaust; art about Tzitzit for three-year old boys and girls. Art about the natural and the unnatural. Art made from soil, seeds, wire, paper, beads, birds and whatever happens to be at hand.” — Nomi Kaplan

Incorporating photographs, photo-collage, rubbings and installation pieces, Nomi Kaplan has produced a diverse and powerful body of photographic work. She continues to explore recurring themes of cycles of nature, mass advertising culture, gender, the Holocaust and Jewish iconography in her photography-based and installation work. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Canada and Israel.