(1995 – present)

As in much of Kaplan’s work, in the series titled Garden, she first arranged and manipulated natural elements and then let nature respond through growth, weathering and the elements. The results were organic forms that Kaplan then photographed, capturing in image the collaborative relationship between the artist, nature and the camera.

“This large body of work began as an imaginary trip back to my Grandfather (Opa’s) farm in Lithuania early in the 19th century. Marauders were coming to steal Torahs from the small synagogues, and my Opa and a few friends rushed to their rescue by hiding them in hay wagons. In honor of his memory I fashioned Torahs out of straw, grass or flowers. Over the years, a little garden plot behind the kitchen became a hiding place for many different Torahs, some made of straw, others grass, flowers, weeds, strawberries and snow.” — Nomi Kaplan

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