In Orthodox Judaism, tzitzit are the fringes or tassels worn on the corners of the Tallit or prayer shawl. Tzitzit are worn on a daily basis as an undergarment, traditionally only by religious men and boys. After seeing tzitzit on display in the Jewish Museum in New York, showing religious Jewish soldiers wearing nylon mesh tzitzit under their uniforms during World War ll, Kaplan was inspired to create her own tzitzit forms out of wire mesh and other decorative materials.

“My 3-year-old grandson Ezra needed Tzitzit to wear to school. I purchased two pairs in Manhattan. I gave one to my daughter and took the other as a pattern for making size three wire mesh Tzitzit. My imagination determined the scope of the work which resulted in Tzitzit’s for every occasion, for both boys and girls.” Nomi Kaplan

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