Illuminated Manikins


Illuminated Manikins is a series of elegant 25 x 17.5 inch photos taken of dress store mannequins that are overlaid with glowing, projected images. Kaplan sourced the projected images from her earlier Photo Collage work.

Normally, manikins (also spelled mannequins) are used to display clothing in stores. The only time they’re naked is when they’re getting changed into different outfits. 
Several years ago, a nearby clothing store went out of business, and all that remained were about a dozen naked manikins, standing around for all to see in the empty store facing a busy street. Then, two summers ago, the store became a ‘pop-up’ Italian handbag store. They had no need for manikins! I had no idea why I did it but I bought three manikins from the owner — two female forms and a male. And there began my adventures with “Illuminated Manikins”. — Nomi Kaplan